Instrument Rating

Requirements:  One must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate.  Each candidate pursuing this rating must have a minimum of 50 hours of Cross-Country (More than 50 NM) time as a Pilot In Command (PIC).  Must have a minimum of 40 hours of actual or Simulated instrument time.  Some of this can be achieved using the FAA approved Simulator.

Instrument Rating (IR), is the second phase of your journey towards becoming a Commercial Pilot.  This phase enhances your flying skills, by teaching your instrument Scanning Techniques, Understanding the Instruments, and interpretation of your Instrument readings.  This phase, enhances your flying skills to develop your flying abilities to interpret weather better, and be able to manage the Flight deck and multi-tasking skills.  It is geared to make you a better pilot, in which you will be able to fly in weather conditions with precision.  

This could be you!

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