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Become a Pilot

Learn to fly and make your dreams a reality. Take the first step at becoming your own private pilot?  You haven’t experienced true freedom until you’ve walked out to an airplane, hopped in, and flew off to any place you desired. The adventure that you’ll experience during your training and after has the potential to alter the course of your life. The people, places, and challenges you’ll encounter are all part of the journey and we are excited to help. 

If this sounds fun, read our starter kit, and come meet us at our cozy hanger in Chino, California

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Flight Training

You’ll learn the fundamental skills and techniques that’ll be the foundation of all your future ratings. You’ll start in one of our clean and meticulously maintained Cessna 172’s. We offer courses that are affordable with the best pricing in all of Southern California. SoCal Aviation has a rigorous selection process for flight instructors to ensure our students get the best quality training from the start.

How Long Does It Take?

The FAA says 40 hours of flying minimum, but we recommend you plan on 55-70 hours. We are open 7-days a week.

Why Fly A Cessna 172?

They have forgiving flight characteristics, slow landing speed, gentle stalls and great visibility!

Why Chino Airport?

Chino has six large runways, great weather and an air traffic control tower.

What's Training Like?

We’ve included a detailed timeline, price sheet and requirements in our Starter Kit.

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Receive Your Quick Start Kit

We won’t spam you we hate it as much as you do